How Red Basket helped Kontentino upscale their content creation

Interview with Paula Grochalová, Content Manager, Kontentino

Paula Grochalová

Kontentino is a fast-growing SaaS startup from Slovakia. Its product helps agencies manage online marketing for them and their customers more effectively.

In 2021, the company was placed in the Deloitte Fast 50 Central Europe for the second year in a row, making it one of the fastest-growing companies in the region.

To support such rapid growth, Kontentino’s marketing team wanted to double down on their content production and increase website traffic. To do that, they teamed up with Red Basket.

In this story, Paula Grochalova, Kontentino’s Content Manager shares how Red Basket helps her team publish more high-quality and well-performing content than ever before.


The struggle to find good writers

Paula’s goal was clear: create more content that’s useful, researched, and well-written. 

However, with the team’s new strategy to publish ten monthly articles instead of two, the content writers on Paula’s team started to get overwhelmed.

“To help us with the workload, we looked for skilled writers with spotless English, a broad expertise in marketing, and a fresh perspective on the topic,” she adds.

Yet, finding skilled writers on the topic of marketing proved to be a big challenge.

“Most of the good writers seemed to be taken and I didn’t have much patience with the not so good ones,” Paula explains. 

“Many people think they can write, but not that many can write well,” she continues. “We had tested many writers. Quite often, the result was a basic text that was virtually unusable.”

Fortunately, it was around this time when Red Basket came into the picture and helped Paula solve this challenge, together with another agency.

Advantages of working with Red Basket

“The writer from Red Basket is a perfect fit and we’ve been working together for almost two years,” says Paula, smiling.

The top benefit of working with Red Basket for Paula is that the content written in English sounds natural. Red Basket is known for having native English writers and editors on its team who make sure that the English writing is top notch.

When Paula’s team adjusted its strategy with a new focus on the US market, it was really useful to have an American writing for them.

“The biggest advantage is that the writer is a native English speaker. He writes in a way that sounds natural and conversational – like when you’re talking to a friend over a cup of coffee.”

Paula also values the Red Basket team’s reliability and competence.

“The quality of articles is good. I know that I can rely on the expertise they provide with every blog post,” she notes. “The writer is careful and dependable in communication and delivering articles on time.”

An important requirement is that the articles are well researched.

“The writer from Red Basket not only does the research. He understands the information in a broader context, which is a key element for delivering great content,” continues Paula.

Aside from the writing and research skills, Paula also appreciates Red Basket’s fast and prompt communication.

“The team responds to any questions or feedback with lightning speed. That’s important for me when working with someone.”

The result: pumping out more top-quality content

Since Paula started working with Red Basket, Kontentino has been able to increase their monthly blog posts and deliver the quality they needed.


“Working with Red Basket enabled us to scale our content marketing activities from 1-2 to 7-8 of high-quality blog posts each month. Red Basket’s blog posts were among the top 10 of our best-performing articles this year.”

“As a result, we were able to increase our website traffic, which was our main goal.”

“The audience’s response to the articles has definitely been positive from what we see on social media. They find the tips helpful.”

“I would recommend other startups to work with Red Basket thanks to the agency’s expertise, skilled native English writers, reliability, clear communication, and good results.”

“They work really hard on finding you a writer that will be the perfect fit for your business. Communication is fast and straightforward. They listen to feedback and act on it. Overall, a great experience.”

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