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Ohad Hecht

Prodport “Red Basket’s fractional content team built our new content and SEO strategy on which they execute. The results show an increase in website traffic, and growth in organic search and brand awareness. They also got us in the top 10 ten for for google ranking on keywords in the US market. We feel they’re part of our team, unlike traditional agencies. Definitely recommend.”

— Ohad Hecht
CEO, Prodport

doc. MUDr. Zuzana Košutzká, PhD

Neuroconsan “Red Basket helped us design our brand identity, messaging, and our new website. They also created some brilliant content for us. They're experts in their craft and have a skilled team that goes the extra mile. We're extremely happy with our cooperation.”

— doc. MUDr. Zuzana Košutzká, PhD.
CEO, Neuroconsan

Robert Sefr

“Red Basket assisted us in creating our key messaging and defining our mission, vision, and claim. They helped us balance the use of technical language to make it comprehensible for everyone. After only a few meetings, they were able to present us with assets that we embrace and express exactly who we are.”

— Robert Sefr
CTO and Co-founder, Whalebone

Niall Donohoe

Front row Slovakia “We recommend Red Basket without hesitation. David and Martina helped our team understand how to create effective B2B content strategies. Their actionable insights have had a massive positive effect on the outcomes of our client projects. We look forward to the results our future cooperation will bring.”

— Niall Donohoe
Managing Director Slovakia, Front Row

Jakub Minks

Trifft “Red Basket helped us streamline our marketing strategy. They always deliver super fast support and outstanding execution. Plus, they’re proactive, transparent, and with great communication. I definitely recommend them to other SaaS companies.”

— Jakub Minks
CEO, TRIFFT Loyalty Cloud

Miroslav Pagáč

  Resco “The quality of our writing has improved significantly since we started working with Red Basket. With technical writing, Red Basket takes us to the next level. A native speaker is not necessarily a skilled writer. But Red Basket ticks both boxes.”

— Miroslav Pagáč
Digital Marketing Manager, Resco

Andy Culligan

Andy Culligan “Red Basket provides a Fractional Content Team to my clients. Their Head of Content, writers, and designers drive all content-related activities forward. They’re fast, responsive, and they know what it takes to run content teams effectively.”

— Andy Culligan
Fractional CMO,


Bloomreach “I finally met a content writer who exceeded my expectations. Martina is professional and creative. She supported her work by deep research, resulting in a high-quality (master)piece. The e-book she created was the cornerstone of Exponea’s behavioral campaign, which has become our best performing lead generation campaign ever.”

— Lukáš Sitár
Senior Content Strategist, Bloomreach


"Our cooperation with Red Basket has been great. They've created high-quality assets for us, including landing pages and customer stories. Experts in their craft, they are approachable, professional, and their understanding of what the customer needs is outstanding."

— Jiri Nykodym
Marketing Manager, Whalebone

Johanna Dungl

Marmind “I recommend Red Basket to anyone who needs content. It’s hard to find people who do content well. If you want quality, Red Basket is your agency. The numbers we get prove that it’s yielding results.”

— Johanna Dungl
Online Marketing Manager, MARMIND

Miroslav Pagac

Resco “Red Basket makes our writing sound more natural in English. It improves the quality and readability of our writing. They translate our complex language into simpler, more human terms. Now, our content is punchier, more relevant, and engaging.”

— Miroslav Pagáč
Digital Marketing Manager, Resco

Andy Culligan

Andy Culligan “Red Basket helped me create my personal brand identity and build my website. Their content is authentic, sounds like my natural voice, and is true to my business. I keep sending my own clients to Red Basket so they can have more creative and high-quality content.”

— Andy Culligan
Fractional CMO,


Marmind “The biggest value of working with Red Basket is a consistent growth of organic traffic to our website. It’s been stable and increasing for over six months. It’s a relief we can rely on them—one less thing to worry about.”

— Peter Fechter
Digital Marketing Manager, MARMIND

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