How Red Basket helped MARMIND grow organic traffic by 26% over 12 months

Interview with Johanna Dungl, Online Marketing Manager, and Peter Fechter, Digital Marketing Manager, Marmind

Johanna Dungl & Peter Fechter

MARMIND is a leading vendor of marketing resource management (MRM) solutions. Their MRM platform helps marketers manage plans, budgets, and results in one central place.

Two years ago, MARMIND’s marketing team equaled one person running all marketing activities. And creating content in two languages. It soon became too much to handle. 

But the team didn’t have the resources to hire more people full-time.

When Red Basket’s partner, Andy Culligan, stepped in as a fractional CMO to help the company grow, he recommended Red Basket to help with content creation.

In this story, Johanna Dungl, Online Marketing Manager, and Peter Fechter, Digital Marketing Manager share how Red Basket helped MARMIND grow website traffic by 26% over 12 months.


Problem: Not enough time to create content

The team’s biggest challenge was the lack of time for content creation.

As a marketing manager in a one-person team, Johanna did everything. From webinars and ads, to generating leads and website updates. She also created content in two languages.

“I knew we needed to publish a blog post at least once a week to grow organic traffic. But unless I worked 80-hour weeks, I wasn’t able to do it.”

Creating content is often underrated. That was Johanna’s experience, too. 

“People say, it can’t take more than one hour to write a blog. But to create a high quality content piece takes longer, you need to be skilled, and super focused.” 

For a while, she had the help of a freelance copywriter who created some content. First, the writer created the German version. Then, she translated it into English. 

But Johanna wasn’t too happy with the quality of the English translations.

“The English didn’t sound natural. Also, translating a lot of the German content into English didn’t make sense. It was too specific for the German market.”

Johanna realized she needed more original content in English. When the writer left, she started to look for an alternative solution.

At the time, the team didn’t have the resources to hire extra people in-house. That’s when Andy Culligan, their new fractional CMO, recommended Red Basket for content creation.

Solution: Long-term cooperation with Red Basket

To solve this challenge, Red Basket’s writer and an account manager stepped in to lend a hand.

MARMIND’s goal was clear, as Peter notes.

“We wanted more high-quality content that would increase organic traffic and make our website more competitive in terms of SEO.”

There were three main areas in which Red Basket has been helping MARMIND.

  1. Generating content ideas and themes

“A majority of the new topics in our content calendar come from Red Basket’s writer, based on our priorities. We plan them four to six weeks in advance,” says Peter.

“Red Basket’s writer really does his research and he is deeply immersed in the topics. We communicate via Slack two or three times a week to make sure we’re aligned.”

  1. Well-researched, optimized monthly blog posts 

“Another monthly service Red Basket delivers are three well-written, researched, and optimized blogs. Our budget is not the largest, so we had to find the right balance. This setup works well for us,” Peter notes.

  1. Deep-dive e-books for lead generation

“Red Basket also delivers one in-depth ebook per quarter. The numbers on the recent one about Marketing Operations are excellent. It’s a great lead attractor,” says Peter, smiling.

Marmind ebook

With each content piece, Red Basket also prepares a social media post. They use it to drive the article’s distribution via LinkedIn.

“Red Basket’s content is consistently high quality. Our process is smooth, they deliver on time, and there’s not much back and forth during the feedback rounds. It’s a relief that we can rely on Red Basket – one less thing to worry about.”

Result: 26% increase in website traffic

Working with Red Basket has brought MARMIND’s team some great results.

“The biggest value of working with Red Basket is a consistent growth of organic traffic to the website. It’s been stable and increasing for over six months,” says Peter.

For Johanna as Online Marketing Manager, the value lies in greater efficiency of content creation.

“With the complex topics we cover, you need to take the time to do the research and dive in. It’s faster to have Red Basket do it all, and it saves me time,” adds Johanna.

The team is happy their content production has gone up in both volume and quality.

“Thanks to Red Basket, we are producing more content than ever before. The topics are more relevant, and our publishing is more regular,” shares Johanna.

The quality of Red Basket’s English writing is a game changer for the team.

“The fact that the writer is a native English speaker makes all the difference,” says Johanna. “The quality of content is constantly high.”

As Johanna and Peter both conclude:

“We recommend Red Basket to anyone who needs content. It’s hard to find people who do content well. If you want quality, Red Basket is your agency. The numbers we get prove that it’s yielding results.”

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