How Red Basket helps Resco publish better content and educate its content team

Interview with Miroslav Pagac, Digital Marketing Manager, Resco

Miroslav Pagac

Resco is a mobile solutions provider with twenty years’ experience in mobility. It empowers field workers with mobility and helps its customers streamline processes and collect data on the go.

As their clients are based all around the world, it’s important for Resco to produce high-quality content in English. The content team had also been looking for some form of continuous education so they could improve their writing and editing skills.

When they found Red Basket, they killed these two birds with one stone.

In this story, Miroslav Pagac, Digital Marketing Manager at Resco, shares how Red Basket helps his team improve its content writing process and deliver high-quality content in English.


The need for better content that drives the team’s improvement

Resco’s need was two-fold. 

First, they wanted to improve the quality of their content and make it read like a native English speaker wrote it.

“Our content team has a ton of experience. But they’re not native-English speakers and needed help with creating content in English. Working with a partner with native-level language and writing skills in English was one of our top criteria.”

Second, they needed to find a way for their content team to develop as content writers. They looked for a partner who could explain any issues with grammar, language, or writing to help the team learn.

“We needed a partner who’d give us feedback that would help the team members grow professionally.”

“Although we share feedback inside the team, we’re so deeply involved with the product and its complexities that it’s useful to get an outside perspective,” Miro says.

Sometimes, the team asked for feedback from its US colleagues. The problem was that it often took an extra time to hear anything back due to busy schedules. Also, their feedback was often contradictory.

“We’d receive feedback from three different people and it was not consistent. We didn’t know which advice to follow.”

That’s when Red Basket entered the scene and fulfilled both their needs.

“The Red Basket folks edit and rewrite our content and give us valuable advice that educates our content team. We chose them for their experience in working with B2B SaaS companies and the fact that their writers are native English speakers,” Miro adds.

Making English content more natural and well-written

Red Basket edits and proofreads an agreed number of content pieces every month. When there’s a need, they also rewrite Resco’s content pieces or create new content from scratch.

“Red Basket makes our writing sound more natural in English and improves the quality and readability of our writing. They make our content more engaging.” 

As Resco’s solution is quite technical, the topics they tackle reflect this. To explain them, they used a lot of jargon and many buzzwords in the past.

“Red Basket has translated our complex language into simpler, more human terms. Now, our content is punchier, more relevant, and engaging. And it sounds more native.”

Well written content

In the past, the team used to get a lot of feedback for improvement from their American CEO.

“It is always challenging to write when your CEO is a native English speaker. Now, he’s more satisfied with our output. He praises the quality of our writing, which has improved significantly.”

With Red Basket’s help, the team has leveled up on their writing skills and the quality of their content.

“With technical writing, Red Basket takes us to the next level. A native speaker is not necessarily a skilled writer. But Red Basket ticks both boxes.”

One piece of feedback the team used to get from their US colleagues was that they could tell the content was written by non-native English speakers. This didn’t leave a good impression.

“Your website’s your shop window. If your English-speaking audience notices your content doesn’t sound natural, they might not believe you’re right for them. They don’t know yet how amazing your product is. First, they need to build trust with your brand. Well-written and natural-sounding content can help you achieve that.”

Editing and writing services that help the team learn 

As part of the editing process, Red Basket offers detailed feedback on each content piece. This includes explanations of problems and concrete suggestions for improvement. Red Basket also offers educational sessions fully tailored to the team’s needs.

“After editing our key landing pages, Red Basket delivered a practical, hands-on workshop that summarized our repeating mistakes and how to fix them. It was interactive, and the team found it extremely valuable.”

The entire team is pumped about the cooperation.

“Team members get valuable learnings from people who are so skilled. All the advice from Red Basket regarding language, grammar, and style, helps us improve.”

This continuous education of the content team also helps Resco keep their employees happy. The education element also helps Resco fulfill their employee training needs.

“When HR asks about our development needs, we always say the best education we’re getting is having a partner like Red Basket. We really value it.”

The result: Delivering on the strategy towards better content and continuous improvement

As a result of this cooperation, Resco can deliver on their content marketing strategy.

“Not only does Red Basket help us achieve our goals, they are actually part of our strategy. It’s all about creating relevant, punchy, more native-English sounding content. We can definitely attribute our content’s improvement to Red Basket. ”

Thanks to Red Basket, the quality of Resco’s content and writing is constantly increasing.

“With Red Basket’s help, we’re empowered to publish more and better content, faster. Instead of waiting for feedback for a month, with Red Basket we get it in one or two days.”

Miro is so happy with the cooperation that he often recommends Red Basket to his contacts. 

“What I like about Red Basket is that they are professional and experienced in working in the SaaS industry. If you’re an IT or software company that focuses on English-speaking markets, talk to Red Basket about your content marketing.”

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