What is a Fractional Content Team (And Why Your Startup Needs One!)

What is a Fractional Content Team

Building a content team is more than finding writers and designers. It’s about mixing creativity, skill, industry expertise, and flexibility – and, preferably, cost-effectiveness. 

A fractional content team can be something that ticks all of these boxes. 

It is an innovative, budget-friendly choice for startups here. Want to know more about how it can help your business grow online?

Keep reading to find out why a fractional content marketer might be the right person for your business. 

What is a fractional content team?

A fractional content team is a flexible, part-time group of content professionals hired to provide expertise and support to startups or businesses. 

This model allows for scalable, cost-effective content marketing solutions without the commitment to full-time employment.

Benefits of a fractional content team

Benefits of a fractional content team

Cost-effective solution

Hiring a fractional content team is a smart move for startups looking to scale without the heavy financial burden of full-time employees.

It is notably more affordable, too, often costing even 80% less than hiring in-house. 

For example, instead of committing to a full time employee – content marketer’s salary and benefits, startups can access the same level of expertise – but part-time with a fractional chief marketing officer or content marketing leader. Minus the days off, sick leave, and other mishaps. 

Such flexibility allows for better budget management and reduces overhead costs, making it an ideal strategy for growing businesses that must maximize every dollar.

Access to the expertise of a fractional content marketer team

When you hire a fractional content team, you’re not just filling a gap in your workforce. 

You’re actually bringing in a wealth of knowledge and experience with each fractional marketer. 

These professionals often work with multiple clients across various industries, bringing diverse insights and strategies to your business.  

For instance, a fractional chief content officer can offer a fresh perspective on your content marketing efforts, identifying strengths and weaknesses that may not be apparent from the inside. This external expertise helps improve your marketing strategy to compete more effectively in your industry. 

Scalable support of content strategy

Fractional hiring offers the unique advantage of scalability, providing exactly the support you need for the time you need it. 

Scalable support of content strategy

Whether it’s ramping up for a product launch or expanding your content marketing efforts, a fractional content team can adjust to your business’s evolving needs – all without the long-term commitment required by full-time hires. 

If your project requires specialized skills for a short period, you can engage a fractional content marketer to fill that specific role, so your team is always perfectly tailored to your current objectives. 

No more overstaffing or keeping your content marketing agency or a full time content marketer in case they come in handy. 

Enhanced productivity and efficiency

Fractional sales leaders and teams are known for their ability to deliver high-quality content with less time and fewer resources. 

They often serve multiple fractional roles at once, so they know how to juggle their tasks. Marketing leadership is something they know inside and out. 

This efficiency stems from their experience in handling multiple projects and their focus on delivering results. 

For example, a fractional content marketing team, already accustomed to working together, can hit the ground running with minimal ramp-up time. 

This setup speeds up content production, but that’s not the only benefit. 

That content is of the highest quality, as these teams understand how to navigate digital marketing challenges in the most agile way

Complementary skills and integration

A fractional content team can seamlessly integrate with your existing staff, filling in skill gaps and improving your overall marketing capabilities. 

For example, if your in-house team lacks a seasoned researcher or a long-form content writer, a fractional content manager can provide those specific skills on demand. 

Such an approach allows for a cohesive blend of internal and external talents, fostering a collaborative environment where junior staff can learn and grow under the guidance of seasoned professionals. 

In-house and fractional resources can be combined to build a dynamic and effective content marketing team.

Fractional content team vs outsourced content marketing team / agency

When it comes to improving your brand’s content strategy, the choice between a fractional content marketing support and an outsourced content marketing team is not an easy one. 

Fractional content team vs outsourced content marketing team / agency

Each offers a unique set of benefits tailored to different business needs, yet they are often mistaken for one another. Let’s clarify these distinctions to guide you in making an informed decision that aligns with your content marketing goals.

Direct engagement with your team

Choosing fractional content marketers means you’re getting team members who blend right into your operations. They understand your brand and work closely with your marketing department to align every strategy and piece of content with your goals. 

This tailored support is what makes fractional marketers stand out – they’re committed to your brand, offering the right assistance at the right time. 

The fractional marketing leader stays with you through good times and bad, while many agencies wrap up their work once 5pm hits the clock. 

Efficient and cost-effective solution

Hiring fractional CMOs brings the expertise and synergy of an in-house team without the full-time expense. These professionals become part of your team, keeping your content calendar on track and strategies sharp, all while managing costs effectively. 

It’s an efficient way to maintain high-quality marketing efforts without the overhead of a full-time position.

Expertise that makes a difference

Fractional content marketing leaders offer a breadth of knowledge that can massively impact your content’s effectiveness. They are not random marketers put into a content marketing role, but subject matter experts who tackle creating content professionally.

Their experience ensures that every strategy isn’t just planned but executed to meet your brand’s specific needs. This level of skill and dedication from fractional content marketers or fractional CMO is invaluable – and you can sleep well knowing that your content resonates with your audience and drives your brand forward.

Growth and flexibility

When brands invest in fractional CMOs, they’re not just hiring external support, but partnering with leaders who are committed to their growth. Not only by creating more content or taking on a leadership role – but by growing with your company. 

These fractional professionals adjust their strategies and efforts as your business evolves. More companies are seeing the value in this flexible approach, as it allows them to scale their marketing efforts in line with business growth without locking into the fixed costs of full-time hires.

Does it mean that using agency services is the wrong idea? 

Using an agency isn’t a misstep, but it’s often worth considering a pivot. 

If you hire a fractional content marketing team, you might unlock more tailored, agile solutions that better align with your evolving brand needs. We’ll cover that later on. 

Does your business need a fractional content team or fractional chief marketing officer? [checklist]

Deciding if your business needs a fractional content team involves more than just recognizing the need for content marketing support. Here’s a checklist to guide you through the decision-making process:

  • Industry alignment: Does the fractional content team have experience with brands similar to yours? It’s important to partner with a team that understands the nuances of your field. For instance, if you’re a B2B SaaS company, a team like Red Basket, specializing in your sector, would be ideal.
  • Experience and success: Are their past successes aligned with what you’re looking to achieve? A good fractional content marketing support team should have a track record of elevating companies with similar backgrounds to yours.
  • Understanding your needs: Does the content marketing leader grasp the specific challenges and opportunities within your industry? They should offer strategies and content efforts that resonate with your ideal customers. 
  • Stage of your business: If you’re still fine-tuning your go-to-market strategy or defining your ideal customer profile (ICP), it might be too early for a fractional content team. These teams excel when there’s a clear understanding of your product-market fit and communication strategy across the funnel. 
  • Leadership structure: Ideally, a fractional head of content or content team should work under a CMO, not directly with the CEO. This ensures that the marketing strategy is cohesive and aligned with the business’s overall goals. However, in some cases, direct collaboration with the CEO can be effective, especially in small businesses or specific industries.

If you answered “yes” to any of the points above, a fractional content marketer might be exactly what you never knew you always needed. 

Make Red Basket your fractional content team

At Red Basket, we pride ourselves on creating a fractional content experience that never feels fractional for our clients. 

Our approach to being your fractional content team goes beyond conventional boundaries.

We’re not just on the sidelines, but in the thick of it with you, actively collaborating with your team, from digital marketers to the CMO. 

Our unique position allows us to integrate seamlessly with your operations, offering real-time communication and leadership that’s always just a message away. 

"I love being everywhere all at once for each of our customers.”“So personally, there’s nothing fractional about my role,”“It’s very hands-on. I’m down in the weeds getting dirty and getting stuff done with the digital marketers, with the CMO, with the people on whatever team I’m working with.” 

Since we’re working across various teams, we continuously adapt and apply new insights directly to your content challenges. 

For B2B SaaS companies eager to refine their content strategy, amplify their content production, and forge stronger customer connections, Red Basket is here. Let us show you how our hands-on, comprehensive support can drive your content creation forward.

With Red Basket, you can expect:

  • Tangible results. The fractional head of content will pinpoint weaknesses and strengths within your current strategy, so that every effort contributes positively to your ROI.
  • Expert direction: Our fractional leaders bring a wealth of experience and a dynamic approach to your content marketing strategy, offering insights that can improve your communication and overall direction.
  • Frequent communication. We won’t leave you in the dark. The partnership with a fractional team should feel seamless and integrated. Regular updates and open lines of communication are essential to make the collaboration feel as cohesive as possible – so that the fractional aspect doesn’t translate to fragmented efforts. 

Fractional content marketing leadership might be exactly what your business needs. 

How about giving it a go with Red Basket?


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